The parties are over and the lazy days of summer are finally here. You’ve done so much for everyone else, now it’s time to pamper yourself. The best place in the world to do that is your own backyard. But if your yard is lacking excitement, not quite the beautiful oasis you want it to be, ABF has the answer. Ed calls it Makeup For Your Yard. You know how just a touch of lip gloss, mascara, or a hint of blusher can perk up a face? You can perk up your lack-luster landscape quite simply, and, if you use your orange dollars on already discounted prices, inexpensively as well. Add intense color by planting bright, cheerful annuals. We have a nice selection of annual plants in sunny yellows, cool blues, radiant reds and oranges, and every shade of pink imaginable. Stick them anywhere and everywhere your yard looks boring. Plant them in the ground, in containers, or hanging baskets. Voila! You’ve got an easy and affordable fix that will impress your friends and neighbors. But best of all, it’ll make YOU feel great about the place you call home!