We do our best to protect Lucy from the bitter cold when we take her for walks.  Yes, I know she is a dog with a thick coat of fur, but the pampered pup has very delicate paws. (Please, no snickering.)  On a few very cold walks in the past she has stopped mid-step and held one of her very cold paws up in the air so that we can wipe the ice off of it and hold her paw in our hand to warm it up and then she’ll proceed on the walk until it happens again.  Now do you get the picture?

As a result, Lucy has a winter wardrobe.  She has a purple dog jacket for outer gear (which she looks fabulous in, I might add!)  And she, also, has black dog booties, which is where the challenge comes in.  She has no problem wearing her very striking purple jacket, but when it comes to the booties, by the look in her eyes it’s almost like she is trying to say ‘Are you kidding me?  I’m a dog and dogs don’t wear booties!  Cool purple jackets yes, booties, no.’  

Then the struggle begins.  Hubby gently, but firmly holds Lucy in place while I wrestle with 4 dog paws, 4 dog booties and Velcro.  Phew!  It’s exhausting being a doggy mom at times.    Mission is accomplished and out we go.  Sweet Lucy high-tails it to the deepest snow bank she can find and then gleefully jumps out of it wearing only 2 of the 4 ‘Guaranteed to stay on your dog’s feet with Velcro straps’ booties.   

So, guess who the dummy is searching in the snow bank for the 2 missing ‘Guaranteed to stay on your dog’s feet with Velcro straps’ dog booties? 

Did I mention that Hubby decided not to join us on the walk?