Have you ever wondered who plants the 10,000 hanging baskets and the thousands upon thousands of pots that you see at America’s Best Flowers?  Year after year, our dedicated production staff digs in and gets the job done.  It is a synchronized performance and each person on the production line is an intricate player.  Believe it, when I say it is not as easy as you might think.  In fact, a few years back I tried to fill in for someone and failed miserably.  If just one person gets out-of-sync it will hold up the entire line and have a large impact on the day’s production.  We would like to acknowledge Cheryl, Gary, Barb, Margaret, Al, Lauren, Phil, Chris, Diane, Jake, Bryce, and Isaac.

The next time you water your flower and/or vegetable garden imagine the effort it takes to water, on a regular basis, a greenhouse full of plants, flowers, trees and shrubs!  Yikes!  And as with any type of business there are the necessary repairs for this and that and other things.  For all of it, we would like to acknowledge Kevin, Steven, Jacob, Steve and Dave.

To all the staff at America's Best Flowers, thank you for all that you do and for how well you do it!

Note: Apologies to anyone that may have been overlooked!