You just brought home your beautiful and colorful hanging baskets.  After hanging them from your shepherd's hook, you go into the house and get your iced tea.  It’s time to sit back and admire them.  Wait a minute, why is that shepherd's hook bending like that?  That should not be happening.

Hmmm, could it be that the so called ‘bargain’ you got on that shepherd's hook may not have been such a great ‘bargain’ after all?

Shepherd's hooks should be strong enough to stand straight and tall while supporting a hanging basket or baskets, even in a 4 inch rain. 

America’s Best Flowers shepherd's hooks are MADE IN AMERICA from powdered coated steel (wrought iron.)  We have them in ½ inch and 5/8 inch diameter.  Are you looking for a single or a double shepherd's hook in different heights?  Look no further!  We have a great selection to choose from. Your hanging baskets will look fabulous hanging from our strong and sturdy shepherd's hooks.  Now, just sit back and enjoy that iced tea.