You’ve never been to one of our workshops?  Hey, don’t let the ‘work’ word scare you.  In fact, we have so much fun with our customers that we should name them container fun-shops!  We have several types of container workshops throughout the year, but this coming weekend is for your flavorful herb garden.

This is how you do it.  Come out to our beautiful greenhouse and pick out the flowers, herbs or plants that you want in your container.  Take your medley of colors and textures, along with your container to our designated container workshop area, and let the fun and mess begin.  We fill your pots with FREE potting soil and then you do the planting.  Our FREE potting soil is the same high quality potting soil that America’s Best Flowers uses in all our plants. Did we mention that, just like mom used to do, we’ll clean up your mess?

The hardest part is deciding what herb, plant or flower you want to plant in your container, so if that is considered work, well, you can probably handle that, right?