Driving from Monona out to the greenhouse every day, it’s hard to miss the abundance of white and blue flowers along the road.  Even in the sweltering, drought conditions we have this year, they hold their little heads up high…proud to adorn the highways and byways.

The white ones are Queen Anne’s Lace, a relative of carrot and parsley.  The blue ones are chicory, a distant relative of asters. 

And are they beautiful, especially compared to the brown landscape that surrounds them. 

Many years ago, in my life as an Iowa farm girl, I decided that if they were beautiful along the road, they would be a great addition to my gardens.  I did not realize that the qualities that made them so hardy along the roadside, would make them unstoppably aggressive in the fertile soils of my flower beds.  So my advice to you is to take a drive in the country to enjoy the beauty these plants have to offer, but resist any temptation you might have to carry a few seeds home.  I promise you will be glad you did. 

~ Bev Wilson