Saturday night found me in front of the television with a bowl of chili and a beer.  Jim and I were so hoping for the Badgers to do well – our grandson was in the stands for the first time.  Being the cool ‘grandma’ I exchanged a few texts with him throughout the night beginning right after the opening 97-yard return.  Go Badgers!  Later, my “What a game!” was answered with, “Yeah, It really is!”  What a game and what an unexpected victory for the home team!  It makes us all proud!

The same thing could be said about our weather this fall, with day after day of sunshine and light breezes followed by cool, still evenings.  Conditions which extend the bloom season for many flowers, causing the color of the blossoms to deepen, with hues getting richer and richer as the days go by.  Nighttime temperatures have stayed above freezing, creating the perfect opportunity to enjoy fall’s brilliant colors.  We still have Red Riding Hood Mandevillas blooming on hooks outside the greenhouse.  Unbelievable!