You know how it is.  You mean well, but sometimes you have to put things on a shelf until you have more time.  This is the last newsletter for 2012, so I really need to ‘make’ the time to wrap things up. 

First, we want to thank you for taking time to reply to several surveys and/or articles in our newsletter.  Second, please don’t hesitate to send emails to me at with any ideas you may have for events, classes or workshops that you would like to see at America's Best Flowers for 2013.       

Here we go!  Following are responses that we have received regarding our newsletters:

July 24, 2012 newsletter – tagline survey

‘You’ll love your garden…it’s our promise’

Thanks to everyone that sent suggestions and/or comments regarding a new tagline for America's Best Flowers.  We not only had some very creative and clever submissions, but we also had a very pleasant surprise.  The majority of comments we received said, ‘Don’t change it’! 

So, that is what we are going to do (or not going to do…it’s all in how you look at it.)  America's Best Flowers tagline will not change.

November 6, 2012 newsletter – newsletter survey

Following are a few suggestions that we received in response to the survey:

–        "If you have space, you might also want to occasionally include a photo of some part of the buildings.  Now that it is so easy to take digital photos and copy them into newsletters."
–        "It would be great to have the pages numbered or be able to click to the recipe link."

Great suggestions and we’ll do our best to address all of them in 2013.

November 13, 2012 – ‘What do you do to spoil your pet? 

We received only one response to this query:

One gal hides her dog’s treats in different rooms in the house before she leaves for work.  The dog has a fun day ‘treasure hunting’ while she is at work.  How cute is that?

Hmmm, 'denial' is a word that comes to my mind…I know there are more of you ‘pet spoilers’ out there!   

We hope that through the year we’ve provided you with useful information in our newsletter and possibly a few laughs along the way!

From Hubby, Lucy and me, Merry Christmas everyone!