Mandevilla provide a beautiful annual plant with large tropical blooms on graceful, climbing vines. Leaves are glossy and flowers can be red, pink, apricot, yellow, or white. Vigorous growth means plants can grow several feet in a single season.


Full sun. Prefer bright indirect light.


Containers, hanging baskets, or in the garden. Vines will climb whatever is near, so they’re often planted with a trellis or near an arbor or mailbox post.


Prefers well-draining soil. Always use quality potting soil in containers, such as our custom soil mix. Our custom soil mix is the same soil we use to grow all of our plants, which we’ve designed to contain a blend of ingredients for optimal nutrient content, moisture retention, aeration, and beneficial microbes. Amend garden beds with compost, if necessary.


Maintain even moisture, but not too wet.


Fertilize regularly with a water-soluble fertilizer, such as Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food, according to the instructions.


To control growth or create a bushier, fuller plant, pinch back by clipping vine just above a leaf junction to the desired shape.


Doesn’t tolerate below 50 degrees. Either treat as an annual or it can be brought indoors for the winter and treated as a houseplant.


Mandevilla can be overwintered indoors as a regular houseplant in a bright location or in a dormant state in the basement. Be sure to reduce watering as the days get shorter and growing slows and bring indoors before the temperature gets below 60 degrees. Water once a week, and don’t be alarmed if it drops leaves and doesn’t bloom. To overwinter in a more dormant state, follow instructions for insect control in Bringing Houseplants and Tropicals Indoors, and cut back to about 10 inches. Water sparingly (about every 3-4 weeks) and bring outside once the temperature is above 60 degrees again.

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