Tropical plants will brighten your home or office and add oxygen to any indoor environment.  We have Bird of Paradise, Schefflera, and weeping Ficus in Bushes and Braided Standards, all varieties are in 10-inch pots.

Bird of Paradise like bright light and some sun.  A window facing East or West is best for this plant and should reward you with lots of growth and eventually flowers.  When watering keep the soil moist, not waterlogged, and well drained.  While this plant is in the growing state, fertilize once a month.  No feeding during the winter months is needed.  Did you know Bird of Paradise is the official flower for the city of Los Angeles?

Schefflera, also known as an umbrella tree, has glossy dark green leaves and grows well in pots or other containers.  Fertilize during the growing season with liquid fertilizer, during the winter months fertilizer is not needed.  Place in a bright spot with some direct sun and this plant will be happy.

Ficus, Weeping Fig, is a popular elegant indoor tree that makes a statement in any brightly lit indoor room but will tolerate less light.  Water thoroughly, then allow to dry out slightly between waterings and fertilize once a month spring through fall with a balanced fertilizer diluted by half.  This plant doesn’t like change and should not be moved around, as it will drop its leaves.  In the fall this plant will naturally drop some of its leaves, but with good care it will grow new leaves in spring and summer.