Are you anxiously waiting the day that you can harvest a red beauty or two from your garden to slice up and stack on a BLT?  Mmmm, what a delicious thought, right?

We want you to succeed in growing healthy tomato plants.  Following are a few important tips that will assist in your tomato endeavor.

It’s been terribly hot the last few weeks, so amp up the watering on your tomato plants, as well as other plants.  Tomato plants need to be watered deeply, thoroughly soaking the roots, several times a week, especially in this extremely hot weather. Tomatoes in containers will, of course, need to be watered much more often.  Water at soil level and take care not to get the foliage wet. 

Keeping soil moisture even will also help prevent blossom-end rot, the dreaded small black spot on the bottom of the tomato which spreads throughout the fruit. It is believed to be caused by a calcium deficiency in the cell walls of the tomato.  If a plant is growing and water is moving nutrients along through the cells, the fruit keeps growing.  If water becomes limited, the fruit can't stop making new cells fast enough so some don’t get enough calcium and later on you get decay.  Blossom-end rot is easy to prevent with Bonide’s Rot-Stop. This is a ready-to-use spray that is quickly absorbed.