The stone…………….after the throw.
The word……………..after it’s said.
The occasion……………after it’s missed.
The time………………after it’s gone.

Over the last few weeks I’ve let the newsletter stray from its traditional format. We are so excited about all the special offers we have for you that we’ve been leading off with deal after deal on plants and pottery. This time of year our remaining plants are so beautiful and just crying out for homes. To help them provide beauty to someone’s life, I’ve tried to be their voices. In doing so, it seems I’ve lost my own.

Last night I met a little girl who helped me get it back. Earlier in the afternoon I had gotten a call telling me of an after-work party in our neighbor’s yard. At the time I was struggling with the first version of this intro. I wasn’t in the mood to add another function to the day, longing instead for the cooler, less humid, bug-free quiet of home. But these neighbors are so very special and it seems there’s never enough time to spend with them.

So shortly after seven, I trudged across the hot asphalt, ducked behind the lilac bushes and saw her, tucked safely in the arms of a loving grandma, taking in the world around her with open eyes. Above her stood a grand elm tree and the sky beyond; beside her sat watchful new parents, not quite at ease with their four-week olds’ introduction to society; and in the next moment this silly grandma ‘wannabe’, awed by the privilege, squatted in front of her stroking the bottoms of her tiny feet. Feet so soft I wasn’t absolutely sure I was touching them.

I soon heard myself telling her mom to enjoy every second, because they rush by so fast and are gone. By the time most of us are old enough to truly believe this, we have only half of our time left. Everyday we are given precious moments in time to grasp onto and cherish. Moments we can never recover once they’ve slipped away. How glad I am I didn’t miss this one. I hope you are too.