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Newsletter 31 – Thursday, September 18, 2014

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Lucy’s Story – Chapter 67

Lucy laying in a field of bright green summer grass
"And I was having this great dream, too! It was WARM."
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I was talking with my mom the other day about how cold it is at night and couldn’t we please turn the heat on.  She tried to explain to me that it was far too early to do that and that we won’t be turning the heat on for another month or so.  What?

Apparently, I was whining a tad bit too much ‘cause all of a sudden my mom said, "Lucy girl, you need to buck up!  You have your beds, quilts and luscious black fur to keep you warm at night.  The heat is not going to be turned on and that is that."

Really? Are you kidding me? Is it tooooo much to ask to be snuggly warm in my bed at night?  I know my dad would be on my side cause when I woke up the other (freezing) morning my dad had thrown his robe on…IN BED.   Again, I tried to tell my mom how cold we were and my mom just shook her head and said something about us being ‘soft’.  I am not soft, I’m cold!

Later on I was telling my dad about what happened to me in bed last night.  There I was with my tail wrapped around me as far as it would reach.  I could feel the last bit of my body heat seeping out of me.  I moved ever so slightly to stretch my tail one more millimeter when my icy cold nose penetrated my ‘luscious black fur’ and touched my skin.  It was so brutal that it took a few seconds for me to catch my breath. 

My dad responded with compassion in his voice, “Gosh, Lucy, that sounds awful.  Wow, I can’t imagine how shocking that must have been for you.    I’m glad you didn’t touch me with your cold nose.”

We looked at each other and started laughing.

“No Lucy, you are not going to sneak up on your mom tonight and ACCICENTLY touch her with that cold nose of yours.  That would be underhanded and just plan naughty, but still it would be kinda funny to see her reaction, wouldn’t it? And actually, that would almost guarantee that the heat would get turned on.  But, Lucy, I absolutely refuse to have anything to do with this.”

As my dad was walking away from me he turned around and winked at me!

Wish me luck!


Beautiful Bulbs!

Tulip 'Queen of the Night'
Tulip ‘Queen of the Night’
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Beautiful bulbs…two words that will bring you so much joy in the spring!  Every year we like to remind you that fall is the only time you can plant those wonderful spring-blooming bulbs.  Plant now and be the absolute envy of your neighbors next spring! Tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinth, allium, and more are waiting for you

Just look at the amazing Queen of the Night tulip!  This dark beauty will add the perfect contrast to the yellows and reds of your spring garden.  And you’ll enjoy their beauty for years.

When you plant your bulbs is the perfect opportunity to dig in a generous amount of plant food. It’s your only chance you will ever have to put the nutrients the bulbs need for maximum flowering directly under the bulbs in the root zone of your plants. We suggest Espoma Bulb Tone.

Autumn is a season for big decisions –
like whether or not it’s too late to start spring cleaning.

We have fall decorating bundles!

Everyone's porch should look this good!
Everyone’s porch should look this good!
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We have a fast, easy, and fun way for you to decorate for fall!  We have mums, corn shocks, gourds, and pumpkins that will get you in the mood for the fall season.  Add a few of our brilliant mums and asters and you are all set for a beautiful autumn!

To make things even easier, America’s Best Flowers has an Autumn Bundle that includes one of our gorgeous mums, a straw bale, and a bundle of corn shocks, all at special savings.  Add two more mums and save even more.

Our corn shocks are netted (like a Christmas tree) so they can be safely tied to the roof of your vehicle, keeping your car clean and the shocks free from wind damage.  We’ll even provide the twine.

Our supply is limited, so don’t lose out on the chance to have the coolest looking yard on the block!

Wake up call

Bernard, who is noted for his gracious manners, was awakened one morning at four forty four a.m. by his ringing telephone. . .

"Your dog’s barking, and it’s keeping me awake," said an angry voice.

Bernard thanked the caller and politely asked his name and number before hanging up.

The next morning at precisely four forty four a.m., Bernard called his neighbor back.

"Good morning, Mr. Williams. I just called to say that I don’t have a dog."

Are you ready for Scarecrow Days?

A scarecrow dressed in Packer gear (even a helmet) standing in the field near the road, next to a sign that says "Scarecrow Workshop"
"Hurry and come out here, I can’t stand like this all day!"
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Scarecrow time is creeping up on us at America’s Best Flowers (Cottage Grove location).  We will be stuffing straw from 10am to 5pm from Monday – Friday and 10am – 4pm on Saturday & Sunday, beginning Saturday, Sept. 20 and running through Sunday Oct. 12.  There is a nominal fee for the scarecrow kit and garage-sale prices for scarecrow clothing (or bring clothes from home). 

Set your lovely or scary creation on a straw bale, use a few corn stalks for background and surround the whole scene with brilliant mums, fountain grass and pumpkins, and you will have a fabulous fall display.

For groups of 5 or more, please call ahead 608-222-2269.  This will allow us to plan ahead and have enough staff available for your group. 

Come on out and have yourself a hay-day!

The Wrong Way

As a senior citizen was driving down the freeway, his car phone rang. Answering, he heard his wife’s voice urgently warning him, "Herman, I just heard on the news that there’s a car going the wrong way on Highway 401. Please be careful!"

"Darn!" said Herman, "It’s not just one car. It’s hundreds of them!"

Wanted! Good homes for our Mums!

America’s Best Flowers has mums galore!  Our fields are overflowing with 4,000 early, mid and late blooming plants in multiple shades of white, yellow, gold, bronze, burgundy, lavender and purple.  We grow our mums outside (to make them hardier) in a 2 gallon container and they are twice as big as what you normally find.  You have to see them to believe how full and lush and bursting with blooms they are.

Fairy Garden Halloween Accessories

Pictured: The cutest haunting ever
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Aren’t they adorable? Have fun decorating your fairy gardens for Halloween!  We have a spooky assortment of ghost, skeletons, pumpkins, grave stones picks, pumpkin fairy masks and even witch hats for the fairies for you to choose from.

Easy Money for Your Non-Profit Organization!

Did you know that we offer an easy, fun AND profitable fundraising program to non-profit organizations? Do any of your school sports programs need new equipment or uniforms? What about your school or church music programs?

We provide non-profit organizations the opportunity to keep 25% of the proceeds from the sale of our gift cards. For example, if your organization sold $500 of our gift cards, your organization would keep $125. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Shirley at

Praying and Playing

A man and a friend are playing golf one day at their local golf course.

One of the guys is about to chip onto the green when he sees a long funeral procession on the road next to the course.

He stops in mid-swing, takes off his golf cap, closes his eyes, and bows down in prayer.

His friend says, "Wow, that is the most thoughtful and touching thing I have ever seen. You truly are a kind man."

The man then replies, "Yeah, well, we were married 35 years."

Farmers Market Schedule

Weather permitting America’s Best Flowers we will be at the following local farmers markets:

Tuesdays Cambridge 2-6pm
Wednesday Lake Mills 2-6:30pm
Friday Stoughton 7-1pm
Saturday Sun Prairie 7-12pm

For exact farmers market locations please refer to the above websites.

Send Al your gardening questions!

America’s Best Flowers wants to help you succeed in your gardening efforts. If you have gardening questions send an email to our Operations Manager, Al Lunde, at Al will get back to you promptly. Let America’s Best Flowers be your go-to greenhouse for answers.

Upcoming Events

Sat, Sep 20 – Sun, Oct 12
Scarecrow Days

M-F 10-5pm / Sat – Sun 10am-4pm –

Sat, Oct 18
Flea Market

8am – 3pm – Rain or Shine

Sat, Oct 18 – Sun, Nov 16
Miniature Garden Container Workshops

10am-3pm Every Weekend – FREE soil and assistance. Create your own miniature garden. Bring in your own containers or buy some of ours.

Sat, Nov 22 – Sun, Nov 23
Holiday Porch Pot Workshop

9am–3pm – Pre-Registration Appreciated

Sun, Nov 30
Wreath Workshop

9am–3pm – Pre-Registration Appreciated

Sat, Dec 6
Holiday Centerpiece Workshop

9am–3pm – Pre-Registration Appreciated

Our Kitchen

Recipes handed down from generation to generation have a homey taste.  The first bite triggers memories of meals gone by.  This is especially true of canning recipes.  The moment you smell the vinegar starting to heat on the stove, memories begin to surface.  What a wonderful and magical time!

This is a recipe Al’s mom has made forever.  It’s a great way to use some of the cucumbers that are ripening in your garden. We hope you enjoy it.

Refrigerator Pickles

  • 6 cup cucumbers, sliced
  • 1 cup onion, sliced thinly (optional)
  • 2 cup sugar
  • 1 Tbsp salt
  • 1 Tbsp celery seed
  • 1 cup vinegar

Slice cucumbers and onions into a large bowl or pan.

Mix sugar, salt, celery seed and vinegar in a medium pan.  Heat to boiling.  Pour over cucumbers. Store covered in refrigerator.  Keeps for several weeks.

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