We?ll have our final Spring Container Workshop from 10-4PM both days. You definitely won?t want to miss this opportunity to finish planting all your containers. The weather should be settled by then, so even the most tender of plants can go outside (with an eye to the sky, or course).

On Sunday, May 23, we will have a vegetable gardening workshop entitled Veggie Gardening, Tomatoes and More! Brian Emerson, a UW Extension Horticulturalist, will be here again this year to help you plan and grow a successful vegetable garden. Right after the FREE class, he will have a question and answer period where you can address specific issues. Please show your appreciation to Brian by attending, and while you?re here, check out our many varieties of tomatoes. For the adventurous gardener, we have several ‘new’ heirloom tomatoes this year. If you?ve never grown ?Sun Sugar?, a sweet yellow cherry tomato, we guarantee you will LOVE it. So sweet it almost melts in your mouth. Once you?ve tasted it, you will insist on growing it every year. And then there?s always the standby Celebrity, which our boss claims is the most resistant variety to blight in Wisconsin, and he ought to know!

Please check our website for the calendar of events and mark your calendars with classes and workshops that would be of special interest to you. We try do our very best to help you achieve gardening success.