The Big November Newsletter!

Newsletter 39 – Thursday, November 7, 2013

Open Monday – Sunday

Miniature Garden Workshops

Did you see the segment about America’s Best Flowers Miniature Garden Workshops on WMTV, channel 15, Sunday evening news?  We were very happy and proud to have several of our miniature gardens shown on the program. 

How would you like to have a miniature garden of your very own?  Just think small and inside the pot every Saturday and Sunday, through November 17, at our Miniature Garden and Terrarium Workshops.  Join us, from 10 to 3, and create your very own terrarium or miniature fairy garden.

Captivating, Christmas miniatures, tiny bird baths, mischievous gnomes, petite fairies, small stepping stones, diminutive garden arbors, and miniature fences are just some of the treasures we have waiting here to help you realize your vision. Choose from our wide selection of tiny, live plants to bring your miniature wonderland to life.  Bring your own pot or purchase one here. Soil is free, and design assistance is always available during weekend workshops!

We know life is busy so if you are unable to make it to a weekend workshop you are welcome to come in and create your special miniature garden on your own anytime during the week.

Autumn is a season for big decisions –
like whether or not it’s too late to start spring cleaning.

Holiday decorating can be easy AND fun!

A collage of our Winter Workshop
A collage of our Winter Workshop
See more images in our Gallery

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Bring your creativity and holiday spirit on out to our Winter Workshops!   

This is how it all works!

You may pre-register for any or ALL of our workshop events by sending Marty an email at or call us at 608-222-2269.  All of our workshops are ongoing throughout the day between 9 and 3, so there is no need to sign up for a particular time slot, just the date. 

We want to have plenty of supplies for you to create your masterpieces, so pre-registration is appreciated, though not required. Walk-ins are always welcome.

I got tired of looking at all those leaves in my yard,
so I got up off the couch and went into action.
I closed the curtains.

Holiday Porch Pot Workshop

Saturday and Sunday, November 23rd and 24th
Ongoing throughout the day between 9 and 3

Make Something Beautiful this Holiday Season!
Make Something Beautiful this Holiday Season!
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Awe your family and friends this holiday season with beautiful festive porch pots!  Our holiday porch pot workshop is just one of our many ‘hands-on’ workshops we offer our customers.  It’s a creative, fun and easy way to decorate for the holidays. 

You are welcome to bring in your empty container from home or purchase one of ours.  Containers range from inexpensive plastic to high-end ceramic.  We will provide FREE sand for your container or liner.  (We recommend always using a liner in ceramic containers.)

We offer bundles of assorted fresh greens as a base to start your container. Once you have arranged the greens, you can add to your container from our wide assortment of artificial picks and stems to accentuate your design.

Finished prices ranged from $25 to $150.  It all depends on how large, how full, and how dramatic you want your container to be.  

As with all our workshops, you do the actual planting.  Our experienced design staff will be on hand to assist with your design and arrangement.

Custom made Holiday Porch Pots!

America’s Best Flowers would be happy to custom make your Holiday Porch Pots.  To order please email Marty Robbins at or call us at 608-222-2269.

Combined Wreath
Poinsettia Painting Workshops

Sunday, December 1
Ongoing throughout the day between 9 and 3

Come Paint Some Poinsettias!
Come Paint Some Poinsettias!
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Custom decorate a fresh wreath or paint a poinsettia at this workshop.  Better yet…do both!  Wreaths are available in several sizes and are freshly made. You can select from an assortment of decorations to create your own individually decorated wreath. Pricing is the cost of the wreath plus the cost of the individual picks, swags and bows that you select.

Poinsettia painting is an opportunity to color (paint) a creamy white poinsettia with a custom color. We will have several custom colors available that you will spray onto the poinsettia to create your own decorator color. It is best to bring along an old LONG SLEEVED shirt or smock to wear while painting.

Combined Holiday Centerpiece
Poinsettia Painting Workshops

Sunday, December 8th
Ongoing throughout the day between 9 and 3

Create a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday table!  Start by adding fresh greens to florist’s foam to create your base.  Choose from an assortment of picks for a seasonal accent.  For that classic look simply add a candle.

Pumpkins are for Pie!

If you make your pumpkin pie from scratch, then you’ll want to come out to the greenhouse.  We have locally grown pumpkins for you to use for your fabulous homemade pumpkin pie.

Fresh Green Plants

Come on out today and check out our tropical foliage.  Choose from Christmas cactus, Norfolk pines, Chinese evergreen, dieffenbachia, crotons, peace lilies and more.  There is nothing like a fresh houseplant to add that special look and feel to any room in your home.  What a perfect take-along gift for all your upcoming holiday festivities.

What a coincidence, we just received an assortment of ceramic pottery for houseplants!

For the birds!

You can make it a happy, hardy, and healthy season for our feathered friends.  This gift boxed hanging Holiday Birdie Wreath, from Pine Tree Farms, serves up a feast of black oil sunflower, peanuts, colored safflower, and red millet.  Yummo!  Stop in and stock up for the winter. 

Did you know that a hummingbird’s heart beats 250 times at rest, and are only 3.5 inches long and only weigh 1/8 of an ounce? 

While finches are only 5.1 – 5.5 inches long and weigh only .06 – 1 ounce.  Wow, how is it possible that something so tiny can bring so much joy? 

Hummingbirds have left us for the winter, but finches remain through the cold winter months.  America’s Bet Flowers has a great assortment of hanging hummingbird and finch feeders, from More Birds. 

These would make great gifts for the bird watcher in your life!

Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?

Phyllis Diller

Perennials, Trees & Shrubs Now 80% Off!

Come out and take advantage of our Clear the Bench sale! Our remaining perennials, trees, and shrubs are now 80% off.  This sale applies to existing stock only and no warranty is included with this sale.

Lucy’s Story – Chapter 30

Lucy with a wet dishrag on her head
"Nope, not a cat. This year I went as Lawrence of Arabia!"
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Thanks everyone for crossing your paws!  I did not have to dress up like a C-A-T for Halloween!  My mom had her Badger red cast taken off!  She has some other big thing on her foot now, but she can take it off at night.  That makes my mom very, very happy. 

My dad said, ‘Lucy, if your mom is happy the whole house is happy!’  Then he slowly shook his head. 

My dad looks tired.  Gosh, I wish I could rub his tummy like he rubs mine.  I know, I’ll give him a toy to play with and a yummy treat!

It  always works for me!

`til next time,
    ~ Lucy

Weather forecast for tonight: dark.

George Carlin

Upcoming Events

Sat, Oct 19 – Sun, Nov 17
Miniature Garden Workshops

10am – 3pm Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) – Make a mini garden in a terrarium or planter of your choice.

Sat, Nov 23 – Sun, Nov 24
Holiday Porch Pot Workshop

9am – 3pm – Pre-Registration Appreciated (Not Required)

Sun, Dec 1
Wreath Workshop / Paint A Poinsettia Workshop

9am – 3pm – Pre-Registration Appreciated (Not Required). You can make porch pots too, if you want!

Sun, Dec 8
Holiday Centerpiece Workshop / Paint A Poinsettia Workshop

9am – 3pm – Pre-Registration Appreciated (Not Required)

Our Kitchen

A few weeks ago I asked our friend, Jesse, to test a few apple recipes that I found on Facebook for me.  He loves to bake and is always looking for new ideas.  He made them all, bless his heart, and emailed me the following comments.

“These are great recipes!  My favorite was the Apple Crisp Pizza.  Very quick and easy to throw together and Jack even liked it*.  The second time I made it, I used a cookie sheet and made it more of an oval rather than a circle on a pizza pan.  It turned out great both times!  I used your crust recipe to make the crust for it.” Jesse

* This is a noteworthy.

Apple Crisp Pizza

  • Pastry for single-crust pie (9 inches) – see recipe below
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon ground Cinnamon
  • 4 medium apples (like Gala, Fiji, Braeburn, Empire) peeled and diced into 1/4 inch pieces
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup old-fashioned rolled oats
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup salted butter, softened
  • 1/2 cup caramel topping

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Roll pastry to fit a 12 inch pizza pan; fold under edges to give the pizza a bit of a raised crust. Combine sugar, flour and cinnamon in a medium bowl. Add peeled, diced apples and toss. Arrange the apples in a single layer over the pie crust to completely cover it.

For the topping: Combine the flour, brown sugar, oats, cinnamon, and butter in a bowl. Mix well. Sprinkle topping evenly over the apples.

Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes or until apples are tender. Remove from oven and immediately drizzle with caramel topping. Cut into pizza slices and serve warm with ice cream. Makes 12 servings.

Bev’s Pie Crust

  • 2 c flour
  • ¾ C vegetable shortening
  • 1 t salt
  • 5 T ice cold water

Stir together flour and salt in a medium bowl. Using a pastry cutter, cut one half of the shortening into the flour to the consistency of corn meal.  Add remaining shortening and cut in to the size of peas.  Add water 1 T at a time, stirring with a fork.  Do not over mix.

This is enough for 2-9 inch single crust pies or one double crust pie. The above recipe would take half of this recipe.

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