Many of you are enjoying the harvest of the early crops of lettuce, spinach, peas and radishes that you planted in early May.  But did you know that it’s not too late to plant more seeds for successive crops?  Mid June is the perfect time to start another crop of beets, carrots, lettuce, green onions, cucumbers, bush snap beans, Swiss chard and summer squash, like yellow crookneck, patty pan and zucchini.  The warmer soil will speed germination, so your plants will come up more quickly and grow faster.  When you are trying to decide if there’s time for a crop to grow, check the maturity dates on the back of your seed packages.  Anything that is listed as 70 days or less has plenty of time left this year.  We still have a good selection of garden seed and onion sets available here at the farm, so come on out today and pick up what you’re missing.  From mid August through September, you’ll be sooo glad you did.