Spirea has joined the ranks as one of the most popular flowering shrubs for the home garden. They have long-lasting blooms and ability to serve a variety of landscape functions — from mass plantings and perennial borders to groundcovers and informal hedges. They attract pollinators and are deer resistant, making Spirea a staple in gardens of all sizes!

The Spirea shrub does best when planted in full sun or light shade. Planting the shrub in full shade can result in stunted growth and a reduction in the number and size of blooms. It is best to plant your Spirea in an area with well-drained soil, as they do not like wet feet.

We carry five Spiraea japonica varieties:
Goldmound has vibrant golden spring foliage, accented by clusters of pink flowers in a rounded habit, cools to a yellowish-green in summer then a rich, yellowish-orange in fall.
Dakota Goldcharm is a dwarf, yellow-leaved spirea with bright pink flowers. New leaves are a light bronze color before turning yellow. In the fall, this shrub gets to be a pink-red fall color.
Flaming Mound has foliage that emerges flaming red and ages to a golden yellow. The flowers are small and dark pink. This shrub will re-bloom if deadheaded. The real show starts in the fall with an excellent coppery-orange fall color.
Double Play® Red is the first Spirea with true red flowers. Each deep red floret is crowned with a spray of long anthers bearing purple pollen for an irresistible effect. In spring, the foliage emerges a glowing red, and new growth through the season is an attractive burgundy.
Double Play® Pink has pink-colored flowers that bloom during spring with glowing red foliage, while the new growth continues to take on burgundy tones through the season. The flowers bloom on old wood, which means the flower buds are grown on branches grown the prior year.