(To protect the not-so-innocent, the guilty party’s name is being withheld for obvious reasons.)

Are you superstitious?  Do you have ‘quirky’ little habits that, in your mind, will bring good luck?  You’re not alone.  There are a few of us out there.   

But, really, in the big scheme of things those little habits guarantee nothing!  Right?  I mean, does it really make a difference in your day if you put your left shoe on first in the morning as opposed to your right shoe?  Nope!  Will the roof fall in if you don’t straighten the bath towels every morning before you leave the house?  Nope!  Did someone steal your car when you didn’t hit the lock mechanism exactly three times before you got out of your car?  Nope!

Did the Badger football team lose their game on Saturday because someone forgot to put the brand new, bright red Badger collar on Lucy for the game on Saturday?