Have you ever heard a particular word and ask yourself ‘huh, what?’ 

It happened to me the first time I ever heard the word Hosta.  

I asked the person to repeat the word and still I didn’t get it.  Then to try and pronounce a word that you don’t get in the first place is, well, embarrassing or hysterical…that, of course, depends on whether or not there are witnesses. 

That word just wouldn’t roll off my tongue.  After some thought, I decided that maybe planting a Hosta or two would help me with the pronunciation of this strange word.  That was 26 years ago and after counting my 86 beautiful Hostas yesterday I feel fairly confident that I’ve got it.  Just don’t make me say it in a hurry.

Finally, why is it some people pronounce words beginning with the letter ‘h’ with a silent ‘h’ and others pronounce it with a ‘ha’ sounding ‘h’?