Rudbeckia image

Bright yellow petals and dark brown cone-shaped centers make Rudbeckia (rood-BECK-ee-ah) a perennial that’s hard to miss. These tough and versatile sun-loving plants are native to meadows in much of the country and flourish in like conditions—well-drained, mostly dry and not too good soil. These “Black-Eyed Susans” will even tolerate partial shade and brighten the back of a bed or border.

Of special interest is “Goldstrum” a variety noted for its stunning three inch flowers of deep gold and three month-long bloom time. This variety has so impressed gardeners that it was named Plant of the Year in 1999 by the Perennial Plant Association.

You need this plant in your landscape! Make a mass planting to attract birds and butterflies. Combine it with Russian sage and asters, sedums and grasses for a swath of color into autumn. And the best part is that Goldstrum and his perennial friends are all 40% off regular prices at America’s Best Flowers. Run, don’t walk, to add this abundant bloomer to your life.