Labor Day was created in 1882 as a legal holiday to give working individuals a guaranteed day off.  Yeah!  Even though the holiday was established for a day of rest, most retailers, including America's Best Flowers, still operate as normal and many offer in-store specials, (yes, we do)!

Many of us celebrate Labor Day with 3 days of festivities.  Are you planning a cookout with family and friends, but, maybe the backyard doesn’t look quite as fresh and colorful as it did just a month ago?  America's Best Flowers would love to help you have a ‘labor-less' Labor Day weekend celebration!  We have a wonderful array of vibrant colored pre-made summer mixed annual containers.  Dress up those empty deck steps with a few medium-sized pots.  And if you want big, we have big; 8-foot tall pre-made summer mixed annual containers that will knock your sandals off!  Place these beauties around the deck, patio or pool and then sit back and enjoy! You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Did we mention that our pre-made summer annual containers are priced buy one get one free?  Don’t miss out on these fabulous combinations.  (To be clear, mixed fall containers are not included in sale)

~ Shirley