It’s happening again, only this time it’s not due to an upset tummy.  Lucy the lab is terrified of thunder especially in the middle of the night.  What comfort she finds in sitting on my head, I’m not sure, but a scared dog has to do what she must to feel safe.  But the head pillow is no longer necessary.  I discovered the Thunder Shirt, yes, you heard it right.  It’s made out of T-shirt type material with Velcro here and there.  It goes on, to a certain degree like a normal dog coat/jacket.  Okay, I can hear some of you shaking your heads. Yes, dogs do have protective gear for the elements.  Anyway, there is an extra flap that wraps over and around to apply a gentle and constant pressure.  Years and years ago my doctor recommended using this type of method to help a colicky baby.  No, not with a dog coat, but with a baby blanket and it worked.  The Thunder Shirt helps with anxiety, too!  So, for those of you with the same dog issue you may want to look into this.  It makes for a much more peaceful stormy night’s sleep.