Winter is approaching and the landscape is starting to reflect that. Perennials, trees, roses and shrubs are getting ready to go dormant for the winter.

The flowers are fading and the leaves are falling everywhere and it is normal to feel like you need to get out and prune and do other things in the garden. Just remember, whatever you decide to do, DO NOT PRUNE at this point in time!

Go ahead and deadhead your perennials or cut back any foliage that is yellow or brown. There are many perennials that survive our Wisconsin winters better if they are not cut down until spring. So, hold off cutting lavender, ornamental grasses and garden mums. Those fallen leaves in the yard will collect around the stems and protect the root system.

An added bonus is that the seed heads on the ornamental grasses will attract birds for a backyard winter show.

So, just let Mother Nature do her thing. After all, she’s had a few years of experience with this.