Pruning Roses

Pruning roses is important for rose health. Pruning shapes the shrub, but also helps it grow more vigorously, encourages more blooms, and discourages disease. Wear thick gardening gloves and use a bypass pruner to cut just above an outward facing bud.

Prune roses in spring before they break dormancy, which, for our area, usually means pruning about late March, early April. Pruning a rose happens in two steps. The first step is to prune out any dead canes, and the second step depends on the type of rose, which is as follows:

Second Pruning Step by Rose Type
Shrub & David Austin- basically shape the plant, removing about a third of the growth
Hybrid tea & floribunda- prune much harder, to about 5-6 inches from the ground
Climbing- just prune off spent flowers after they bloom