Regal Geranium Fabiana - The first Variegated Princess Lily

The Royalty of the greenhouse are in their full splendor, ready to brighten your patio or garden with incredible color. If you have never grown these lilies or geraniums, be prepared to be amazed. They are truly fit for a Queen.

Regal geraniums, unlike their cousins the zonal geraniums, bloom during cooler weather and thrive in partially sunny areas. Also known as Martha Washington geraniums, they come in a variety of vibrant colors to brighten any garden or home and make wonderful gifts.

Variegated foliage is the latest triumph in Princess Lily (Alstroemeria) breeding. Fabiana is the only dwarf alstroemeria with crisp green foliage and white ribbon edges. Pretty even before it flowers, Fabiana gets more attractive as the summer progresses. These plants have a very long bloom period and make lovely, long-lasting cut flowers. They are the perfect plant for your filtered-sun locations.