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Foliage Plants

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Container Size Code
D=5” pot 1 plant per pot, 15 pots per tray
E=5” pot deep 1 plant per pot, 15 pots per tray
H=8” basket

 Mereii, foxtail fernD Aureo-marg/yellow chicken gizzardD
BEGONIA, fibrous  Herbstii, Purple LadyD
 Lana, angel wingD Herbstii, red chicken gizzardD
 Mini Merry ChristmasD BostonD,H
 Mini Silver Red (metal flake)D Fluffy RufflesD,H
 GreenD,HCordatum ‘Golden’D,H
 VariegatedD,HAmbionicus (Cuban)D
GYNURA SARMENTO Australis Variegatus\ Swedish IvyD,H
 Pink Passion, variegatedD,HCiliatus, large leafD
HEDERA HELIX Purple, Swedish IvyD,H
 Ann MarieD,HUltra VariegataD
 BabyD,HVariegated Purple MintD,H
 CurleyD,H Baltic IvyD,H
 GlacierD German IvyD,H
 Gertrude StraussD,HSETCREASA 
 GoldchildD,H Purple QueenD,H
 Gold DustD,H Tradescantia PallidaD
 Mint KoliebriD,H Bolivian variegataD,H
 NeedlepointD,H BurgundyD,H
 ShamrockD,H Green & WhiteD,H
 Variegated Wax IvyD,H PurpleD,H
  Purple HeartD,H
  Tahitian Bridal VeilD,H
  White FuzzyD,H



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