Our central courtyard is open and filling fast with great perennials. Digging in the soil and planting a few new perennials is a great cure for Spring Fever! We have many new varieties this year, including Coneflowers and Coral Bells, as well as hundreds of standbys, like creeping phlox. We're also receiving shipments of trees and shrubs almost daily. Remember the good plants always go fast, so stop out today for the best selection.

This year we are introducing a new warranty program for all of our hardy (25 below) perennials, trees and shrubs. With the purchase of enough Myke (mycorrhiza, a soil-borne fungus) for your plant selection, hardy perennials will carry a three-year money back guarantee and hardy trees and shrubs a money back guarantee. This naturally occurring fungi enhances nutrient and water uptake from the soil and is the new Green Revolution in modern horticulture. We are pleased to offer this additional protection to help insure your gardening success. If you have questions about this program, please stop out in our perennial area and ask for details.