A greater truth has never been told. One of my greatest struggles is dealing with things as they come. It’s so easy for me to say “I’m not doing that right now,” “I’ll do it tomorrow,” or “I’ll get to that someday when I have time.” But we all know that when we plan to do something someday, chances are good that someday will never come. So today I will make the above bit of wisdom my mantra. I will post many copies of it around my home and office. I will stop with the excuses.

Bonnie and I answer the phone everyday and hear “Is it too late to plant?” or “Is there anything I can still plant?” or “I suppose you’re sold out of everything good to plant.” and even, “I’m just not going to do much this year, it’s too late.” Let us reassure you that is definitely not true. In fact, we consider June the true beginning of the planting season. In Wisconsin, May is fickle – another one of those great truths. But once we reach June, the air warms and summer rains fall creating perfect growing conditions.

Many times, after we reassure our callers and tell them we still have thousands of plants, they will come out and fill their carts with gorgeous mature specimens in a plethora of colors. They go home inspired and happy, and we are so pleased to have provided “Beauty with God’s Help” to them.

If you, too, have spent much of May procrastinating. Saying, “I’ll plant next week, and then next week and then…” We encourage you to plant today. When you are obsessing about how behind you are, or how late it is, you are missing out on so much. So join me in resolving to stop the excuses. Come on out today and let us help you turn your outdoor living spaces into your own personal paradise.