Beginning today and in the weeks to come we will be featuring one of our dedicated staff.  You will understand why we are so proud to have them working for us.  So with that said, we felt it is only fitting to begin with the owners of America’s Best Flowers.

Ed and Carol Knapton began their Journey together in 1970.  They started a U-pick vegetable farm in 1977 located in Marshall, Wisconsin, which evolved into a U-pick strawberry farm.  With their love and knowledge of flowers they decided to begin growing flowers and selling retail to local residents in the area.

With success came the decision to enlarge their operation.  The land on Vilas Hope Road became available and the operation moved to that location.  Over the years it has grown to become what it is today, with 2 acres of greenhouses to enjoy.  Their love of plants has evolved into finding the best varieties available for area gardeners to be successful with their gardens, thus the name ‘America’s Best Flowers’.

The only thing they love more is their lovely family: a wonderful daughter and son-in-law and three gorgeous grandchildren.

Happy Gardening!