The term ‘green’ has taken on new meaning, especially in the catch phrases that fill the pages and mouths of current media.  Historically the term ‘green industry’ has been used to refer to those of us actively involved in the growing of plants.  Now the definition has broadened to include anyone with the slightest connection to preservation of our earth.  America’s Best Flowers has always been committed to growing in a way that has the least impact on the environment.  This year we are taking it a step farther, by returning to the most basic principles of natural plant production.  Our herbs and vegetable transplants will be grown in our own customized soil mix (which you can buy!) and fertilized with compost tea made right here in our greenhouse.  Everyone gets a little buggy now and then. But this year America’s Best may have gone a bit overboard.  We are actually buying a fresh shipment of good bugs (beneficial insects) every week.  To find out why, read on.