A planting of delicious vegetable seedlings

Come visit our new ‘nursery’ area where Barb is hard at work growing our vegetable and herb seedlings. Last weekend thousands of tiny plants emerged from nutrient-rich beds of our custom-made soil and began the process which will end with healthy produce for your table.  From A-Z, Anise to Zucchini, we anxiously await the next seedlings to pop out of the soil.

This year we have returned to the most basic principles of natural plant production.  We are growing most of our herb and vegetable transplants from seed in our own customized soil mix (which is available for purchase).  Whenever possible we are starting with non-GMO seed.  Our herbs and vegetables are being fertilized with compost tea made here in our greenhouse.  And the first line of defense for pest control involves the use of beneficial insects (good bugs).