Mum’s the Word

Newsletter 24 – Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You’ll love your garden … It’s our promise!

Relax and Smell the Flowers

One of our gorgeous Summer Annual Containers, on sale at buy one get one free!
One of our gorgeous Summer Annual Containers, on sale at buy one get one free!
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Labor Day was created in 1882 as a legal holiday to give working individuals a guaranteed day off.  Yeah!  Even though the holiday was established for a day of rest, most retailers, including America’s Best Flowers, still operate as normal and many offer in-store specials, (yes, we do)!

Many of us celebrate Labor Day with 3 days of festivities.  Are you planning a cookout with family and friends, but, maybe the backyard doesn’t look quite as fresh and colorful as it did just a month ago?  America’s Best Flowers would love to help you have a ‘labor-less’ Labor Day weekend celebration!  We have a wonderful array of vibrant colored pre-made summer mixed annual containers.  Dress up those empty deck steps with a few medium-sized pots.  And if you want big, we have big; 8-foot tall pre-made summer mixed annual containers that will knock your sandals off!  Place these beauties around the deck, patio or pool and then sit back and enjoy! You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Did we mention that our pre-made summer annual containers are priced buy one get one free?  Don’t miss out on these fabulous combinations.  (To be clear, mixed fall containers are not included in sale)

~ Shirley

“Invitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

Marcelene Cox

We invite you to stop in anytime at America’s Best Flowers to browse through our beautiful and naturally-scented grounds.  While you’re here, be sure to check out our fall bulb and iris selection.  We appreciate your loyalty and we wish you happiness, peace, health, prosperity and beautiful flowers!

“What is the best place to grow flowers in school?”

In Kindergarden

Shhh…Mum’s the Word!

A Planting of Fall Mums
A Planting of Fall Mums
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This week one of our customers said, ‘There’s a lot of nice weather coming yet and I want it to look nice.’  We agree!  Enjoy the colors as long as you can.  After all, it won’t be long before all we’ll be seeing is white.  America’s Best Flowers has mums galore, our fields are overflowing with 6,000 early, mid and late blooming plants in more than 30 shades of white, yellow, gold, bronze, red, burgundy, lavender and purple.  Our mums are grown outside (to make them hardier) in a 2 gallon container and are twice as big as what you normally find.  You have to see them to believe how full and lush and bursting with blooms they are.  We think you’ll agree we grow the most beautiful mums in town.

Tips for Success with Fall Mums

In this climate, mums are generally considered annuals. Whether you pop them into a container or basket, or set them on your porch, they will provide immediate color and bloom for a long period.  Our plants are so full of bloom, that they do require a lot of water, so be sure to keep them evenly moist.  They don’t like to dry out or sit in water.

If you want to try to establish mums as perennials, plant them as soon as possible in a sunny, well-drained location.  They don’t do well in our heavy clay soils, so incorporate peat or compost when planting them.  A protected spot away from cold, drying winter winds also helps survival.  Plant them deeper than they are growing in our pots.  Remember, to survive, they have to develop roots at or above the first set of branches before the ground freezes.

Do not cut back dead plants until next spring.  Research at Iowa State University shows leaving stems and foliage results in better winter survival.  Apply a loose winter mulch after the ground freezes.  Straw, shredded bark, pine boughs and even snow are good winter mulches.  Carefully remove in the late spring.  And remember mums are heavy feeders, so apply all-purpose fertilizer (per package instructions) from late spring until mid July.

What tools do you need for math?

Dog Wash Update

On August 20th America’s Best Flowers had their 1st Annual Dog Wash Fundraiser for the Dane County Humane Society.  We are happy to report our grand total is now up to $1762.73.  Thanks to everyone for making this fundraiser such a success.

~ Shirley

Man’s Best Friend Wall of Fame

Thanks to all of you that sent in a picture of your best (4-legged) friend.  If you would like your dog’s laminated picture please stop in and pick it up.

Why did the boy eat his homework?
Because the teacher said it was a piece of cake.

Art in the Garden

Saturday, September 17, 9am-3pm

On September 17, from 9am-3pm, our main greenhouse will be transformed by the artistic creativity of over 30 Wisconsin artists, offering you a wonderful selection of unique holiday gifts, as well as something special for yourself.  Items will include: jewelry, paintings, weavings, stone carving, pottery, leaf casting, woodworking, textiles, photography and much more!

In addition to the vast assortment of unique creative wares, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty, color and fragrance of fall flowers, and be treated to the smooth sounds of two local musicians, Bill Lockwood & Sam Verdeccia.  So mark your calendar for September 17, bring your shopping list or just set aside some time to stroll through our greenhouses and enjoy Art in the Garden.

~ Deb Meyer

Just a reminder – we are accepting registrations for this free event through September 3.  If you would like to display your work, please let us know.  222-2269.

Why did the new boy steal a chair from the classroom?
Because the teacher told him to take a seat.

r u listening?

Our radio ads on WMGN – Magic 98 (98.1 FM), WCHY (105.1 FM), and WMMM (105.5 FM) will fill you in on the latest and greatest happenings here at America’s Best Flowers.  Whether we are washing dogs, planting containers or building scarecrows, you can get the latest news at the push of a button. Tune in today.  And please, spread the word.  Your friends will be glad you did.

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Why was the voice teacher so good at baseball?
Because she had the perfect pitch.

Upcoming Events

Sat, Sep 10 – Sun, Sep 18
Fall Dollar Days

Redeem your collected orange ABF dollars for up to 50% off your total purchase.

Sat, Sep 17
Art in the Garden

9am – 3pm Local artisans and crafters will be displaying and selling their merchandise. Please note that the artists will not accept Orange Dollars.

Sat, Sep 24 – Sun, Oct 16
Scarecrow Days

10am – 5pm Make your own scarecrow and we’ll clean up the mess. Family fun!

Sat, Nov 19
Winter Porch Pot & Wreath Workshop

10am – 4pm Please call ahead to register 222-2269.

What did the student say after the teacher said, “Order students, order!”
“Can I have fries and a burger?”

Our Kitchen

Labor Day menus can be almost ‘labor’less if you start with the bounty of the season. One of our favorite meals is a simple BLT, a few ears of corn and sliced melon. 20 minutes is all I need to get it on the table. If you have just a few extra minutes, you can steam up a quick batch of green beans and you have a feast fit for a king. And it’s so good for you!

Bev’s Simple Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich

Bev’s Simple Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich

  • Your favorite bread for toasting
  • Miracle Whip or Mayo, whichever you prefer, we use light
  • Butter or margarine, if desired
  • Bacos Brand Bacon Chips – Do not use Bits – they are too hard
  • Sliced Tomatoes
  • Lettuce leaves

Toast your bread. Spread one slice with favorite(s) from above list. Top with a generous portion of Bacos Chips.  Add tomato slices and lettuce.  Top with another piece of toast. Cut in half and serve.  How easy does it get?

Bacon Chips have only 30 calories in a 1½ tablespoon serving.  And they are made from soy so they have no cholesterol.  Alternatively, you can use crisply fried bacon slices. But the preparation time, calories, fat and salt will increase.

Stevie: Hey, Mom, I got a hundred in school today.
Mom: That’s wonderful! What did you get a hundred in?
Stevie: In two things: I got forty in reading and sixty in spelling.

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