Lucy and her mom are NOT morning animals!  Lucy doesn’t budge from her bed until I crawl out of my bed.  Now, Hubby, on the other hand likes to start his day off early.  (And, good for him, I say!) 

This past Monday morning, someone called on the telephone at 7:15 am.  Hubby was outside on the deck having his morning coffee which meant I had to answer that annoying ringing thing.  I answered it in my cheery morning voice (yeah, right!) and a deep masculine voice, very quietly said, ’Go to the back bedroom window and carefully look out into the back yard.’  Well, by that point I recognized Hubby’s voice.  Now, in my cheery morning mind I’m thinking ‘This had better be good!’  Then Hubby said ‘There is a wild turkey in the yard!’  (Yikes, this was really good stuff, he was immediately let off the hook.)  Slowly, I pulled back the curtain and pulled up the Venetian blind and ‘lo and behold there was one very big bird out there. 

The normal morning routine consists of Lucy and I going out to the backyard before she has her breakfast, but obviously, it’s not a good idea to take a Labrador retriever out to an area with a wild turkey, so, I took her out to the front yard.  Lucy didn’t care if it was the front yard or the backyard as long as she got out.   She did care though when I left her in the house and went out to the backyard without her. 

Hubby and I sat and watched the turkey go back and forth through the yard for about 20 minutes or so.  When the turkey went over the fence into the neighbors’ yard we let Lucy join us outside.  Honestly, I don’t think all four of her feet touched the deck before she went into hunt and stalk mode.  Ears perked, head jutted forward and the steady controlled walk which soon turned into an all out run to the back fence.  I’m not a hunter so I don’t know the proper terms for this stuff, but as they say ’If looks could kill’ Lucy was planning on a drumstick for breakfast.  She was a stitch to watch.  She didn’t take her eyes off of the beast.  When it walked, she walked.  When it stopped, she stopped.  And, she was, oh, so quiet, she didn’t bark once.  Hubby and I noticed two of our neighbors come out in their jammies and sit on their patio.  Together, but two yards apart we watch the first and last episode of ‘Turkey in the Yard’.

Man, we have an exciting life, don’t we? 

By the way, Tuesday morning Lucy did an all out run to the back of the yard.  Apparently, she was still in the mood for a drumstick.