Lucy had been surrendered to Angel’s Wish with her eleven 4- week old puppies.  The puppies were 7 weeks old at that time and there were 8 puppies left ready to be adopted.  There was a short bio for each puppy with two different pictures of each.  In the corner of their bio was a very small picture of their mother.  It showed a rather forlorn looking black Labrador with patches of fur missing and the subsequent saggy skin and such that comes with a pregnancy.  (Hey all you moms out there, you know what I’m talking about, don’t ya?)

Along with the picture, was a statement that said she was a wonderful mother and that she would be available for adoption soon. 

My very first reaction to her picture was ‘Oh, that poor thing.  Nobody is going to adopt her.’

Whoever said that you can’t see the eyes of a black dog was an idiot! ‘Cause once I took a good look at this dog and her caramel colored eyes all I could see was love in the truest sense and that is the very moment my heart melted!