We met nine years ago…on-line.  I was searching the Dane County Humane Society website for a best friend…four-legged best friend, that is.  

In my mind’s eye, I could see her.  A 2-4 year old, medium sized 50 to 70 pound adult female dog.  It did not matter what the breed was.  It did not matter if she had long or short fur.  It did not matter if her fur was curly, or straight.  The only thing that did matter was she could not be an all black dog.  I have never wanted an all black dog.  Why, you ask?  It is simple, ‘eyes are the window to the soul’ and you cannot see the eyes of a black dog!       

I knew she was out there, somewhere.  Even though the humane society had pictures of some great looking dogs that day, she was not one of them. 

On the humane society website I noticed a link to a rescue organization called Angel’s Wish.  I hit the link and that, my friends, is where I first saw her and my heart melted.   

Coming next week – Chapter two