Snippet from Lucy’s journal…

It happened so fast.  It was a vicious attack.  My dad said we were blindsided.  I say we were all-around-sided.

It was sooo scary.  We were all together enjoying a lovely evening on the deck. I was listening as my mom and dad were talking over the days events and was just ‘that’ close to being lulled into a nap when it happened. 

They came after my dad first.  His hands were flying through the air swinging at them and oh my, the words that came out of his mouth.   We didn’t know what to do or how to stop them.  The blood was flowing!  Then my mom hollered, ‘Run! Quick! Everyone get in the house!’  And run, we did! 

After we took care of our wounds that night we decided that we needed to find a way to protect ourselves.  The very next day my mom went shopping!  And that’s really, really hard for her. She does not like to shop unless, well, unless it’s a garage sale or one of those silly flea market things.  (Pssst, my dad passed on her invitation to come along.  Imagine that!)

My mom came home with a really big box and my dad got busy pulling things out of it and laying stuff all over the deck.  I overheard my dad talking to himself, ‘I won’t quit till this thing is up and secure. I will never ever allow that to happen to my family again!’   Gosh, my dad loves us.

By supper time, our screened in tent thingy was up and ready.  

So, take that you dirty rotten no good mosquitoes!  We double-dog- dare you to visit us again!

Till next time!