Snippet from Lucy’s journal…

Me and my dad brought all the dummies up from the basement and laid them on the grass in the backyard.  My mom was so excited.   And then it happened.  Her eyes glossed over. ‘Hey, I’ve got an idea!’ she said with a big smile on her face. ‘Now that the ‘family’ is all together again let’s do our family picture!  We’ve talked a lot about it in the past and for whatever reason it hasn’t happened.  What do you two think?’

I suddenly heard a strange noise and looked up at my dad.   He was clenching his teeth.  Oh, oh, I thought to myself.  This doesn’t look good.

My dad looked at me and then at my mom and said, ‘Nope, we brought the dummies up and that’s where Lucy and I stop.’ (Gosh, my dad is brave!)  We held our breath and waited.

‘Hmmm, really?  Well, ya know what you two…you’re right.  I’ll take it from here. You guys go and enjoy your morning walk and I’ll see you later!’

This time it was our turn to say N-O-T-H-I-N-G!  

As me and my dad were strolling down the street my dad said, ‘Lucy, I’m feeling really guilty. What do you think, should we go back and do that silly family picture?’

We looked at each other and laughed so hard we had to stop walking.  ‘Lucy, just between you and me, guilt never felt so good!’       

Till next time!