Snippet from Lucy’s journal…

We were all relaxing together on the deck the other night when my dad said, ‘Hey, let’s get a fire going tonight.’  Me and my mom looked at each other, jumped up and got busy.  Ya see we have a fire routine. 

My dad gets the fire thingy moved closer to the deck.  Us girls get the cushion positioned just right on the step, close but not too close to the fire and we get the snacks ready.  

When my dad has the fire built, we all sit and cuddle close together on the cushion.  We talk a bit, laugh a bit and then we silently watch the flames and glow of our perfect fire.  My favorite part of our fire routine is that I always, always get to snuggle between my mom and dad and that, my friends, is the best place to be in the whole wide world. 

Till next time!