Snippet from Lucy’s journal…

My mom’s favorite hosta saying is, ‘You can never, ever have too many hostas.’ My dad doesn’t feel that way though.   After counting 63 hostas in the yard last year he said that we had about 45 too many. 

So, when my mom brought home another hosta the other day my dad just groaned and said, ‘Come on.  Are you kidding me? When is enough enough? ’ 

Then my mom explained, ‘This is for Lucy.  You know how she likes to lay in the middle of the hosta field on hot summer days.  It’s a cool and shady spot for her to relax in.  And this is another Sum and Substance hosta that gets really, really big and will give her more shade.’ 

‘Oh, it’s for Lucy!  Ok, I’ll get the shovel. Come on, Lucy Girl, we’re burning daylight.  Let’s get this thing planted.’

My mom walked over to my dad and gave him a big hug and then out to the backyard we went.  Just me and my wonderful dad!

Till next time!