Morning after morning Lucy and I would run into Diane and Casey at the park.  These morning meetings slowly turned into morning walks.  During our winter walks it would still be dark out.  Lucy and Casey with little dog lights attached to their collars would run ahead of us sniffing and marking their territories, as all dogs do.  Diane and I with our oversized to-go cups of coffee would be bringing up the rear with our flashlights.  And no sniffing and marking territories was going on at our end!   What a foursome.  Funny, I wonder what it looked like from a distance, four uneven lights floating through the darkness, morning after morning. 

Unbeknownst to Casey, he taught Lucy how to fetch.   After watching Casey chase down a ball and bring it back to Diane time after time (Casey never, ever wanted to stop playing!)  It didn’t take Lucy long to figure out that this kind of looked like fun.  And fun she had!  Watching the blonde Casey and the black Lucy run side by side each chasing a ball was a sight to see.  Casey with his long legs was always faster than Lucy.  But, even though she was low to the ground (another term for being short) Lucy had a few good maneuvers of her own.  One of them being she could turn on a dime! 

So, take that all you tall long legged beings out there!  Us low to the ground beings can hold our own!  Whoa, was that too revealing?

Mama skunk story coming next week!