Snippet from Lucy’s journal…

My mom and dad were talking flowers again!  I should say my mom was talking and my dad was listening.  I heard him say, at least 4 times, ‘We don’t need to move anything.  Everything looks great right where it is!’ 

It was like my mom had lost her hearing.  On and on she went.  ‘It’s too bad we planted that one lilac where we did.  It would be perfect if we could move it over about 3 feet.  And while we’re at it, let’s transplant some hostas about 3 feet closer to the left side of the house along with some ferns.  Which, now that I think about it we could move a few heucheras over 3 feet and the…’ 

My dad shook his head, put his head in his hands and said to me, very, very quietly, ‘Maybe, Lucy girl, we should just dig up the house and move IT over 3 feet?’ 

It was a miracle! My mom got her hearing back!  She stopped talking and gave my dad her ‘ESP’ look.  Very slowly my dad got up and motioned to me.  ‘Come on, Lucy, let’s go get the shovel.’

Shhh, I wonder if that ESP stuff would work for me.  I’d sure enjoy some extra treats every now and then!

Till next time!