Snippet from Lucy’s journal…

Oh, my poor dad!  The other night he went out to the couch to get some sleep ‘cause my mom was snoring.  (I really, really felt bad for him, but it did give me more room to stretch out.)

It was the middle of the night and he was awfully tired.  All he wanted was a good nights’ sleep.  So, what happened was an accident and accidents can happen to anyone, right? Here is my dad’s sad, sad tail, whoops, I mean tale.

In our living room there is a small wall with all kinds of clocks on it and yep, they all work.  There is one older clock that tick-tocks very loudly. And it just so happens that it is my mom’s favorite ‘cause it shows the date and day and as she once told me, ‘Lucy, they simply don’t make clocks like this anymore.'

That noisy clock was keeping my dad awake, so he took it off the wall and put it in a soundproof spot that was close by, and was finally able to get some sleep.

Flash forward 2 days.  Me and my mom were in the kitchen making supper.  She does the work and I do the supervising! She got the dishes out of the cupboard, turned the oven on, and got the rest of the table ready for supper.  We started to tell each other how our day went when all of a sudden my mom, just boom, stopped talking and then hollered as she ran to the oven, ‘What is that SMELL?’

If anyone out there runs across a round wall clock that shows the date and day at a resale shop somewhere can you please let me know at

My dad would really appreciate it.

Till next time!