Snippet from Lucy’s journal…Autumn 2014

Finale to last week’s chapter 85.

Yeah, my mom’s home and she’s carrying something into the house.  Oooo, is it for me?  I really like surprises! 

After our usual greeting of hugs, sweet talk, and many kisses my mom says, ‘Lucy, quick, I need your help.  We need to get this thing set up in the bedroom before your dad gets home.’

I looked at this ‘thing’, and then looked up at my mom, ‘Huh?’  ‘Here’s the deal,’ she tells me,  ‘We don’t want to take a chance on your dad getting hurt falling out of bed again, so this contraption should keep him nice and safe the next time he has one of his craaazy dreams. It’s a railing that keeps little kids from falling out of their bed at night. I figure if it keeps little kids from falling out of bed it should work for big kids like your dad.’  My mom cracks me up! 

So, we get this thing put on his side of the bed and my mom says to me, ‘There we’re all done. What do you think, Lucy?  Will that keep your dad from falling out of bed?’

We started to laugh and we just couldn’t stop!  We heard the front door open and we scrambled out to the living room.  My dad walked into the house, looked at us and said, ‘What’s going on you two.  What’s so funny?’

Neither one of us could talk, we were laughing so hard.   We tried really hard not to look toward the bedroom, but, well, ya can’t fool my dad.  He noticed and he very slowly walked into the bedroom.  We followed him, laughing the whole time.  My dad stood looking at the bed for a while, and asked, ‘What the heck?’  Then suddenly, he got it.  And with a big grin on his face he threw his head back and just roared! 

Gosh, it’s fun to be silly (& safe) at my house! 

Till next time!