Snippet from Lucy’s journal…February 2013

My tummy is a little touchy, so my mom and dad are very, very careful with my food. 

But, I gotta tell ya something, shhh, it’s a secret.  Don’t tell my mom and dad this, ok?

When it’s just my dad and me at home, we’ll have some salmon together.  With a smile and a wink, my dad says, ‘Lucy girl, this is our little secret.  It’s a healthy treat, but still a treat, so let’s just keep this between you and me and not tell your mom, ok?’   ‘Sure, you can count on me, Dad!’ 

When my mom and me are alone, well, she does the exact same thing only with TUNA!  Then she says to me with a big grin on her face, ‘This stays between you and me, Lucy, right?’  ‘Right, Mom, anything you say.’

I know I should feel a little guilty about this, but then again, who am I to ruin their fun? 

Till next time!