Snippet from Lucy’s April 2012 journal…

I can’t believe it!  Is this for real?  I see grass!  It’s brown grass, but it’s still grass.  And mud, oh, that precious mud!  It’s magical, I tell ya!  It holds all kinds of wonderful secrets.  The tangy smells of varmints that passed through the yard are embedded in each and every one of their muddy tracks.  Squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and opossums…it’s like a smorgasbord out there.

This is what my nose thrives on.  I gotta go!  I’m headed outside to do some investigating and if I have to do a little rolling in the stuff to clearly identify the source, well, so be it, I say!

One hour later…

Ahhh, yeah, well, it turns out that what I call ‘fragrant’, my mom calls ‘stink’. 

My dad is filling the bathtub.   

Till next time!