My mom got home and asked us to please go into the other room so that she could surprise us with the paint color.   Me and my dad looked at each other as we turned to walk into the bedroom…each of us taking a deep breath.  

After a short while we heard her say. ‘Okay, you can come back into the living room now.’  

We both hesitated.  My dad said, ‘You go first, Lucy!’  The look on my face must have said it all cause my dad suddenly said, ‘Just kidding, Lucy, just kidding.  We’ve got each other’s six here.’  (That’s my dad’s code for ‘We’ve got each other’s back!’) 

Slowly, we walked back into the living room and were stunned by what we saw.  Instead of paint cans and paint brushes we saw a plethora of food.  ‘Huh? What’s going on here?’ we both asked in unison and listened as my mom said.  

“Well, you two, it’s like this. Our existing color really looks nice in the living room.  It’s a soothing green, the furniture looks nice with it, the pictures look great against it, but mostly Lucy looks gorgeous surrounded by this color.  And, ya know what else?  There’s just too much stress around this time of year and not enough sweet time spent as a family. So, instead of picking up paint I picked up a fun supper for all 3 of us and we are going to have a picnic right here in our warm and cozy green living room.  We’ll watch it’s ‘A Wonderful Life’ on TV and just cuddle.  What do you two think about that idea?’    

We just stared at her.  Then, me and my dad looked at each other and very slowly we walked over to my mom and just, well, we just loved her with all of our hearts!