Me and my dad got our painting clothes on while my mom went to the paint store.   While she was gone we got busy with our strategy.

‘Ok, Lucy, here is the plan.  Whatever your mom wants painted…we paint.  Right?’  ‘I hear ya, Dad!’  ‘If she says paint the floor, we paint the floor.’ ‘I hear ya, Dad!’  If she says paint the ceiling we paint the ceiling.  ‘I hear ya, Dad!’  If she says paint each other, we paint each other.’  ‘I hear yaaaa, what!!??’ 

‘Lucy Girl, I’m just trying to prepare you for the unexpected.  You know your Mom, she can change her mind in less time then it takes to flip the kitchen light on!’  ‘Yep, I hear ya, Dad!’ 

The door opens and we hear my mom say, ‘Hey guess what you two?’

And so it begins!