I was just waking up from a well deserved nap and sleepily glanced over at my dad.  My dad was watching my mom, not saying a word, just watching.  He stared at me and I saw the ‘oh, no, now what?’ look on his face.  I was afraid to peek over at my mom, but I knew it had to be done.  ‘Oh, no’ is right! I knew that look and it made my fur stand straight up all the way from my head to the very tip of my tail.  

As I looked back at my dad he said, ‘You see it too, don’t you Lucy?’  Then we silently waited and waited and waited! 

‘Yep,’ my mom finally said. ‘Now that we have the furniture rearranged for our Christmas tree it’s obvious that this room REALLY needs to be freshened up.  We have exactly 20 days until Christmas Eve.  That should give us plenty of time to get the living room, foyer and hallway painted.  Hmmm, and if we get right on this we just might have enough time to paint the kitchen.’ 

My dad and I looked at each other and, yep, you guessed it, we made a mad dash for the back door. 

And then we heard my mom laughing!  Laughing?  Wow, she doesn’t usually laugh when we make a quick exit.  We weren’t outside very long when we realized why she was laughing so hard.  Duh, it was freezing cold outside.  So, with heads and one tail hanging, back in the house we shuffled.

‘Well, what do you two think of this color?’ my mom asked us with a smirk on her face.   

After the ‘perfect’ color was decided on, me and my dad got busy planning our ‘winter’ escape plan.   Wish us luck!