While my dad was outside up on a ladder, he had a ‘bird’s eye view’ of something really exciting going on and couldn’t wait to tell us about it.

I was relaxing (aka napping) on my window seat when that annoying thing rang and I heard my mom say, “Hello?”

Then I heard my mom say, “Really?  Cool, I’ll be right out to see them.”   

So, I’m like fully awake now!  Something fun is going on outside!  And me and my mom are going to check it out together…at least that was MY impression! 

Now get this, I’m standing next to the door with my Labrador ears perked in that “LET’S GO!” position and my mom says to me, “Sorry, Lucy.  You can’t go outside right now.  You’ll have to watch through the front window.” 

Then out she goes!  What?! 

I jumped back up into the window seat and looked out to see 8 huge turkeys pecking around in our front yard. A few of them were showing off and standing only on one leg.  Others were flapping their wings and then just like that they slowly walked down the sidewalk and onto the next block.    

Once the turkeys were out of sight my mom and dad invited me to join them outside.  Big deal, you say, well, yep, that’s what first came to my mind, but then I thought to myself, “Duh, Lucy girl, who would you rather be with…a gang of wild turkeys or your mom and dad?”   

And with a big smile on my face I went and stood as close to them as I possibly could.  I just happened to look up at them as they were looking at each other and then in unison my mom and dad kneeled down together and wrapped their arms around me. 

Ain’t love grand!