I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned before that my mom is kinda techie sloooow.  She finally figured out how to change the date on her camera and, well, here we are again facing another techie stumbling block. 

It all started the other day.  We were in the backyard rolling in the leaves and hanging up clothes on the clothesline.  I bet you can figure out who was doing what here, right? 

Apparently, I was looking adorable (imagine that) so my mom took out her super duper fancy dancy phone out of her pocket and started taking pictures of me being one-with-nature amongst millions of sugar maple leaves in the back yard.

The word ‘selfie’ was thrown about and before you could say one of my favorite words ‘treat’ my mom was laying next to me in the leaves with her magic phone stuck in my face and telling me to smile.  Silly mom!

I just looked at her and said, “Hey Mom, there’s no need to TELL me to smile…I always smile when I’m with you!”

We really want to show you our funny ‘selfies’ but, umm we can’t quite figure out how to do that just yet….maybe next week?